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Ready to kill some space bugs?

You better be.

The ambush is coming to invade your phone ,tablet or PC. They get into your head. They eat you alive.

Fight the fierce bugs from space with your attack helicopter. If you fail they invade your phone ,tablet or PC, they get into your head, they eat you alive. Shoot to kill. Destroy them to prove yourself. You better be fast. They’re coming.

Android, control your heli with your left thumb, keep it on the screen. You shoot with your right hand fingers.

PC, ctrl-bullet, alt-rocket, c-view and q-heli home.

Use the rockets to shoot multiple targets, with the bullets you only kill one enemy though they’re faster. Collect the shields, extra lives and power bonuses, you’ll need them to survive, believe me. Concentrate to stay alive when the view changes at the most unexpected moment. Beware of the incoming raids at the end of the levels. You might feel relief when you’ve survived one. Don’t think it gets easier. Each level is more difficult than the last one, each brings some new features you’re not prepared to. Stronger bugs, bigger invasions, faster attacks, you’ll need more bonuses to survive.